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Our product saves lives, help to improve the quality of life in cities and regions and provide support to companies worldwide.


Flood protection barriers in Cologne, Budapest or Bangkok. Flood protection gates and doors in Hamburg, Lyon or Blackburn. Penstock projects in Gelsenkirchen, Diyarbakir or Basra. Container-Filler in Paderborn, Kuala Lumpur or Brisbane. Our systems protect, assist and handle loads worldwide.

This section contains an interview of some of the major projects that IBS has carried out over the past few months

Coblenz stays dry - thanks to IBS

Coblenz. For several years now, the banks of the Rhine in Coblenz-Lützel, in Neuendorf and in Wallersheim have resembled a construction site. The flood protection was to be improved here; amongst other things using a mobile flood protection system by IBS. Now – eleven years after the start of the planning in 2004 – this project, which is worth millions, has finally been completed. 

The Rhine may now rise to a level of 8.45 meters without the residents in the areas from Coblenz-Lützel to Wallersheim getting wet feet. This was worth almost EUR 43 million to the State of Rhineland-Palatinate (they contributed almost 90 percent of the EUR 48 million) as an investment in the safety of the region: "Today, a dream has been fulfilled," said the Lord Mayor of Coblenz, Prof. Dr. Joachim Hofmann-Göttig. "The three districts are now to a great extent flood-free".

The proportion of mobile IBS systems is quite considerable: 286 aluminum supports, and 2832 aluminum stoplogs, which cover a total area of almost 1100 m². The respective retention heights are between 30 centimeters and 3.5 meters: "We are delighted that our tried and tested system has been able to contribute so much to this project, which is so important for Coblenz", said the IBS Managing Director Xaver Storr. The mobile protection system is stored in containers, and in case of deployment is transported from the central depot of the City of Coblenz to the set-up location.

Glass wall defence system for Littlehampton

In early 2015 we completed the installation of an 80m long glass flood defence system in Littlehampton on the UK’s South Coast. The system was 0.8m high and included an integral handrail to provide the necessary edge protection at the waters’ edge. Due to the coastal environment all stainless steel was 316L and the aluminium anodised.”