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Flood Doors and Flood Gates

Gruna ferry building

Open flood-defence gate, Gruna ferry building
Flood-defence gate, Gruna ferry building

General data



  • Lock gate (two-section)
  • Opening width: 4.5 m
  • Retention height: 1.2 m
  • Elbaue (Germany)/Lower White Elster

Other Flood Door/Flood Gate projects

  • Pirna, Germany (7000x4000 mm lock gate) 
  • Merkenheim (Germany) project (flood-defence wall gates) 
  • Northern Power Grid Tanfield, UK (aluminium gates up to 5000 mm wide) 
  • Nindorf-Ostendorf, Germany (4700x1700 mm lock gate) 
  • Waterfront City Fas, Lebanon (aluminium gates up to 300x1100 mm) 
  • Loeben, Germany ( 2400x2600 mm flood-defence doors) 
  • Old Town of Röding, Germany (flood-defence wall doors) 
  • Boygues Zac Chandon, France (flood-defence doors up to 1750x2100 mm) 


Phönixgrube project, Dortmund (Germany)

Phönixgrube Dortmund

Schieberprojekt Phönixgrube Dortmund

General data

  • Opening width: 4500 mm
  • Headroom: 1200 mm
  • Lifting height: 1300 mm
  • Operating pressure: 0.29 bar (front face)
  • Actuating pressure: 0.29 bar
  • Baffle plate material: 1.4301
  • Actuation: Electrical turn actuation and bevel-gear drive

Other Penstock projects

  • Rabigh STA (Saudi Arabia) - max. size: 1000x1000 mm 
  • Zmajevac (Croatia) - max. size 2000x2000 mm 
  • Hamdam (Iraq) - max. size 1600x1600 mm 
  • Mleta (Algeria) - max. size 1900x1800 mm 
  • HWS Fischdorf (Straubing/Vilshofen, Germany) - max. size: 2000x1800 mm 
  • Metković (Croatia) - max. size 2000x1800 
  • EA Dock Bridge (UK) - max. size 2740x1850 mm 
  • Dettenheim (Germany) - max. size 2000x1800 
  • Southend STW (UK) - max. size 1500x1500 mm 
  • Al Khumra 3 (Saudi Arabia) - max. size 1700x1700 mm 

Stop logs

Bayer Leverkusen

IBS stoplog at Bayer in Leverkusen (Germany)
IBS stoplog closure
at Bayer in Leverkusen (Germany)

General data

  • Clear width: 4000 mm
  • Flood height 3300 mm
  • Material stop logs: Aluminium
  • Material frame: SS304

Other Stop log projects

  • Burgholz (Switzerland), 5850x3200 mm, material: aluminium 
  • Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia), 2600x6450 mm, material: 1.4462 
  • Lake Senftenberg (Germany), 7500x3600 mm, material: aluminium 
  • Leimen (Germany), 2000x2000 mm, material 1.4301 
  • Stanzertal (Austria), 11350x3500 mm, material 1.4301 
  • Karlsruhe (Germany), rebuild of combination shafts, 2000x2250 mm, material: aluminium 
  • Bojnice reservoir (Slovakia), 2920x4117 mm, material: aluminium 


Dexion Australia

Other Container-Filler projects

  • Aluplast, load handling: PVC profiles 
  • Klaus Multiparkling: parking systems
  • Item, aluminium profiles
  • Geringhoff, mower plant
  • JM Jennmar Multitex (Czech Republic), anchor profiles



General data



  • Customer: Bosch
  • Location: Germany
  • Sector: LPS pallets for long items
  • Size of order: 88

Other MHS projects


  • Dorma Company: Load handling profiles
  • Crown Company: Forklift-truck masts
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Fricke
  • Stoll (front loader)
  • Boart Longyera

Demountable and Temporary Flood Barriers

Grein (Austria)

Flooding of the Danube in 2013
in the region of Grein (Austria)

General data

  • Length: 765 metres
  • Max. height: 4.60 metres
  • Wall surface area: 2450 m²
  • Protection objective: 15 metres
  • 2013 filling level: 14.95 metres

History of the project

One of the highest and most spectacular mobile walls to date, it was finished in August 2012. Its reference height of 3.6 metres (4.6 metres at its highest point) above ground level makes it one of the tallest flood-defence walls of its type ever to be made by IBS. When the Danube burst its banks in 2013, the IBS defence wall was tested to the limit and came through with flying colours. 


Flood-defence wall
protecting Cologne Cathedral

General data

  • Overall length:   9500 m
  • Overall surface area: 14000 m²
  • Max. height:  4200 mm
  • Location: Cologne city centre
  • Material: Aluminium and 1.4571

Other flood-defence projects

  • Spitz (Danube, Austria), 5030 m², max. containment height 4.2 m 
  • Givet (Moselle, France), 2870 m², containment height 3 m 
  • Mauthausen (Danube, Austria) 3300 m², 2.6 m 
  • Fermoy (Blackwater, Ireland) 1275 m², containment height: 4 m 
  • Weissenkirchen (Danube, Austria), 6300 m², max. containment height 3.5 m 
  • Ústí nad Labem (Elbe, Czech Republic), 2000 m², containment height 2.4 m 
  • Evansville (Indiana, USA), 1130 m², containment height 2.7 m 
  • Bewdley (River Severn, UK), 1150 m², containment height 2.85 

Decin (CZ)

Glass flood-defence wall
Decin, Czech Republic

General data



  • Length: approx. 160 metres
  • Max. height: 2.10 metres 
  • Wall surface area: approx. 330 m²

Other glass-wall projects

  • Bad Neustadt, Germany (Bad Kissingen Water Authority), approx. 204m² (2014)
  • Keswick (UK) FRMS (Volker Stevin), approx. 94m² (2012) 
  • Penig, Germany (Swietelsky), approx. 147 m² (2011)
  • Upton-upon-Severn (UK) FRMS, approx. 85m² (2011)
  • Plauen, Germany (Scharnagel Company), approx. 200 m² (2010)
  • Timmendorfer Strand (Germany),approx. 88m² (2010)
  • Cologne, Germany (Dywidag Systems), approx. 124m² (2007)