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Quality control

Our staff abide by quality standards - but still prefer to set a few of their own

In our fields of application, precision means more than just the precise manufacture of components. Precision here at IBS also means keeping to schedules, applying groundbreaking ideas and ensuring that operations run smoothly. 

The achievement of such precision requires highly qualified teams used to cooperating with each other and modern mechanical-engineering facilities designed to deliver a decisive advantage, including in international terms.

The manufacture of a fully-functioning flood-defence wall or shutoff valve
requires unequalled expertise along the entire production chain. What qualifies our teams to tackle new tasks on your behalf? We call it habit.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, designers, metal machinists, IT experts, electricians, electronic engineers, mechatronics specialists and qualified welders all have track records in the development of groundbreaking innovations. Innovations designed to help you cope successfully with your own specific requirements. 

If you have questions about our products or require information on solving a specific problem, please call us or contact us by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.